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MATTMAN’s First Flashing

Well I’ve been driving a big truck for a little over 8 months now. It been pretty exciting at times. My first real thrill was driving down a country road and having a kid motion for me to blow my air horn. This happens quite a bit now and I’ve figured out how to make the horn sound funny….like a dying goose. That kind of throws the kids off guard, but they seem to like it.

I see a lot a lot of things as the “4-wheelers” pass by me. Like the time this lady held up a sign saying “I saw you picking your nose.”

But yesterday, I saw something I had only heard about and was waiting for it to happen. This lady flashed me. My first thought was “Hey! I finally got flashed.” But as I realized what exactly I was looking at, I realized that I shouldn’t have even looked. On a scale of 1-10, this woman was a minus 5. Next thing I know, I’m blind for the next 3 miles! Oh well, at least I was flashed.

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