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Once you Black…


I get stuck at the Petro in Atlanta, Georgia and was going to deliver in the morning. I planned on taking a shower, getting something to eat and kick back and watch television. Just as I was finishing up my logs this guy comes up to my truck. I start talking to him and find out his dad is a terminal manager for my company in Blytheville, Arkansas. Small world. After we all got cleaned up, we met in the restaurant to eat. He is a trainer and had his trainee with him. After waiting an hour for our food we ended up getting it for free. Alright something cool happened.

After dinner Daryl suggested we he go across the street to the strip club. I usually hate strip clubs. You see a bunch of naked women, get all turned on and go home alone.

I didn’t have much money but I wanted a beer after the week I had. Us three white boys went in to find we were the only three white boys in the whole place. My first thought was this was going to be an experience. Daryl was cool with it but his Trainee, C.J. was a little freaked out.

I was impressed. Those black women were really cool people. They weren’t stuck up like in a white strip club. The women could really shake it too. I think I had more fun there than at a white strip club. So if your a black man reading this you probably already know, but if your a white boy, check it out.

In case your wondering about these first class ladies in Atlanta here’s the place:

Blue Flame Lounge
1097 Harwell Rd
Atlanta, GA 30318
12 Noon to 4 Am
Wednesday Free Admission: Noon to 8 PM$5 Table Dances
Take I-185 to Exit 8
Go towards the Petro Truck Stop
The light just before the Petro turn Right
They are like the second building on the Left
Blue & White sign

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