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Wow I was going to make it home for Thanksgiving. Driving home in my 4-wheeler from Nashville on I-24, when all of the sudden I came around this curb and there is something in the road. I was going too fast! Hit the brakes….BAM BAM…I go into a spin, about 5 360°’s. When I slammed my brakes it cause my engine to stall, thus losing my power steering, thus having no steering. I make it to a stop on the left shoulder. A car pulls in behind me. I get out to check my car, its fine. I call to people to make sure everyone is alright. Go to my truck grab my MagLite™ and start running up the highway to get this thing out of the road. I thought it was a tree. It turns out to be a 20 Foot piece of guard rail. Some guys followed me up there, we examined the guard rail and found a big truck trailer tire wedged into it. As we walked back up the road we kept finding pieces if truck.

While I was back there some idiot didn’t slow down and slammed into the car behind me. Good thing they were behind me. Kept me from getting hit. It was a lady with her two little girls traveling to visit some friends. They were from South Carolina. The little girls were scared to death.

I began helping people fix tires and such since my car appeared to be alright. It was a lot of chaos for a while. Luckily no one was hurt. Not too much damage. But a lot of flat tires.

People, keep in mind that when you come across a scene like this one the highway, slow down. There’s a lot of stuff going on and a lot of people standing on the road. Some people kept speeding past us. The turkey can wait a few minutes. It can’t wait 50 years for vehicular manslaughter.

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