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Free TV is a way to stick it to the man!

For about 2 years now, I have not paid for TV. Well I do subscribe to Netfix so I will rephrase that: I do not pay for TV service.

The home I live in was trashed by the previous tenant. I took some time to fix it up before I moved in. I had to fix walls and ceiling and floors. Paint everything. I even had to put in a pole because some dummy removed a supporting wall in order to expand the kitchen.

While I was doing all this I thought about my tech additions to the house. Of course it is going to be networked. I’m a Tech Geek after all. Since I’m running CAT5 all over the house I might as well run COAX. At least the COAX will improve the value???

While I was planning this, I had a customer need 150 FT of CAT5. He didn’t have any money but offered me a 1000 FT roll of RG6. No problem, the trade was made. But I didn’t know the difference between RG6 and RG59. I didn’t realize there was a different until I started teaching myself how to install compression ends. Of course I purchased RG59 ends.

  • RG6 – Better shielding. Designed for digital signals. Satellite, Digital Cable, Digital Antenna.
  • RG59 – Best for analogue, CCTV cameras, old CATV.

I was putting in a digital antenna. RG6 was perfect.

So one Saturday, I cut holes in the walls and I crawled under the house. I ran CAT5 and a COAX to each room. 2 in my office. I ran one pieced of COAX up the wall into the attic. That is where I mounted the antenna.

When I hooked everything up I got about 8-10 channels. I didn’t get anything when it rained. Something wasn’t right. So I moved the antenna outside and mounted under the eave. I live in Clarksville, TN. Just about all my TV stations are in Nashville. Nashville is southeast from Clarksville. I just happen to have a southeastern side on my house.


The antenna I am using is an RCA Indoor/Outdoor Digital TV Antenna ANT806. It does come with the hardware to mount it on a pole. Now I get 15 channels in clear HD. They do cut out a little when it rains really hard. But it is not as bad as satellite.

You do need an amplifier. This antenna DOES come with one. If you have to purchase an amplifier separately, make sure it supports digital or it will not work.

I will be writing more about my Free TV in the future.



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