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About Me

Once upon a time an man from the west went on a journey. He was called the MATTMAN. He decide to seek his fortune in the east. About a couple of hundred miles east of the Mississippi, he was sucked into a black hole. He found himself in a strange new world. Unable to escape, he began to adjust to his new environment. He purchased a computer and a modem. Dialed a phone number and connected to another computer. Here he found a new world within a a world. So he decided to create his own world.

He called it THE MATTCAVE, and it was good. Very good and cool. People visited it often.

Then one day an larger evil world called AOhelL decided to make a global network very affordable. This forced every other larger worlds to lower their prices for access. Soon everyone was visiting the larger world and the smaller ones were forgotten. THE MATTCAVE was forced to close it's doors. For many years there was no MATTCAVE. Then one day MATTMAN joined a larger world and reserved an island for THE MATTCAVE. And here it will