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Titans & Rams

So what’s all the hype. The Tennessee Titans in the Superbowl, that’s what!. The past two years they were 8-8 and now they’re 13-3, AFC Champions and kick everybody’s butt.

I’m so proud of my home team. This is the first state I’ve lived in that has had a home NFL Football team. Since I’m poor and cannot go to the Superbowl, I’ll be hosting a Superbowl party. Check us out on THE MATTCAM. We’ll have pizza and beer and my almost world famous Asshole Chicken Fingers. Why are they called Asshole Chicken Fingers? Because when you’re sitting on the toilet in the morning you’ll be calling me an asshole while your asshole is burning!

Well I’ll cut it off here and give you what I think of the game and the festivities when it’s all over.

To be continued…

That was the best damn Superbowl I have ever seen. I guess it would have better if the Titans would have won. But they played their hearts out. Personally I would never have thought they would ever get this far. They played like a team and they fought like a team. I’m damn proud of them. One thing I’ve noticed about the Titans is they play with heart. I have a feeling that next year they are going to dominate the AFC.

Titans I hope your not feeling to let down by this defeat. You have made your fans proud. I hope the best for you and your families this off season. Every game this year you have gotten better. Next year you’ll be the best. I doubt any of you will ever read my small insignificant web page, but this is where I write my thoughts, feelings and most importantly my Adventures.

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