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Cock Tease

Its been a long week. I head to the bar for a beer. Good thing I’m in walking distance or I would loose my license one of the days. I walk in, “Wow, new bar tender… and she’s hot.” So I talk to her. She’s seem really cool. I stay later than I should, but I do get her phone number.

My brother calls me the next day and tells me how he broke up with his girlfriend. I tell him cool. Let’s go to the bar. But the bar I want to go to is where is now ex-girlfriend works. She’ll probably be there, but I talk him into it anyway. She wasn’t there but the girl I wanted to see was. She was the waitress that night. So we got a table. She gave me as much attention as a waitress in a busy bar could. My brother’s ex came in so we left early. The chic told me when she was working but I knew my schedule was busy. But I got to the other bar she was working on a Friday. This was when I really got to observe her. I’m not sure I got anymore attention than the rest of the poor saps. That’s what I get for thinking with my you know what.

After talk with some of the people she works with, I found out that this was how she operates. She should be a dancer or something. If I see her again I’m going to be straight with her. If she say, we should just be friends, I’ll tell her I have enough friends. But I don’t think I’ll see her again.

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