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Alright Halloween, my favorite holiday. There’s always something to do. With all the freak out there something is bound to happen.

I get a call from my friend Fancy telling me about a party in the woods. Cool. What am I going to be. I know I’ll be a freak.

I pull out the slashed-up blue jeans, biker boots, metallica shirt and my Anthrax jeans jacket. One final tough, I need my hair teased. I mean really teased. It’s so crazy it is wider than my shoulders. Tie a Harley Davidson around my head and add the sun glasses. Now I look cool.

Fancy showed up in a cat-woman body suit. Personally I think it is more lingerie than a costume, but hey, it’s Halloween. Next we jet over to Fancy’s boyfriend’s house. He already looks like Kid Rock, but he adds a hat for a final touch.

Off we go. We head down a road. It turns into a a gravel road. Then a dirt road. Now this is fun, we’re in a Saab. Three miles later we come across a cabin. Lots and lots of people walking around. This should be fun. We get to the door, $5 to get in and all there beer you can drink. It would have been cool if there was enough beer.

Met a few cool people. Most thought I was Howard Stern. I should have went ahead and did the accent.

Well the beer ran out before midnight. I didn’t even get enough to get a buzz. Let’s go.

This would be a great time for the cop to show up. Perfect timing. Time to bust everyone under age. I just wish they would let people leave. An hour later they let us go.

Time to make a quick trip to Gilligan’s to make up for the night. Well that was a dive.

I think I had a better Halloween last year when I moved into my apartment.

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