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Some People Are F-ing Stupid!

There is this lady I do business with. I won’t say what because she may object to me writing this in Adventures of MATTMAN. But when we first went into our business agreement, over a year ago, she told me of her past relationship. No this woman wasn’t hitting on me. She is twice my elder. She’s just the type of person that tells everything about herself.

One of the things she mentioned was that she had been married five times. Each one being an abusive relationship. Then she told me about a guy that was doing work for her around her house. He made a pass at her. She rejected it and he got very upset. To the point of psychotic. She said he began stalking. Once he broke in to house. When she arrived home he was there. When she pleaded for him to leave and he said that he loved her. When she rejected his cry for love, he attacked her and strangled her. He left marks on her neck and shoulders. She even showed me the pictures. My associate told me that even if she did have feelings for him, she wasn’t about to get in another abusive relationship.

I admired this. Well, five times of learning that this wasn’t the way to live should teach anyone a lesson. But some people are a little slower then others. I’ve accepted this.

Last week I meet her new boyfriend. He was in front of her house racking leaves. He called out my name and introduced himself. I didn’t like that. He acted like we were old friends. I don’t trust people like that. He gave me the creeps. I had a bad feeling about him and kept my guard up.

Later in the week I talk to someone else about this guy. They tell me it’s the same guy that I wrote about above. They love each other and they are getting married. How “F-ing Stupid” can you get?

It’s true that he strangled her around the neck. It’s true that he broke into her home. But they did date at that time. I’m not sure what the whole story is, but the facts speak for themselves.

I hear all the time about women being battered and abused. It’s the kind of thing that sickens me. But when a woman is exposed to this needless abuse several times and keeps going back is just stupid. I don’t know if it’s a psychological problem or what. But common sense should to tell you to stay away, especially when you have a good example to warn you.

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