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Still Alive

New Years. This was supposed to be the big one. When the world ended, the computers crashed and governments fell into chaos. I did a few things to prepare. Since my landlord had a cellar full of food, I stocked up on some fresh ammunition just in case. (If she’s going to let me eat, the most I can do is defend it.) Being in charge of a network can be a little complicated and frustrating. I tested my hardware and ran my software updates. But I was running on faith and trust from the manufacturers. So I ended up getting to work about 11:30 just to make sure. I turned on the TV to hear the live broadcast of Nashville going crazy to time my servers rollover. Everything went very smoothly. I waited around about a half hour more just to make sure.

Well back to the bar I was at earlier drink Cokes and eating BBQ. Maybe I could have a few beers. But there she was. This older woman that was flirting with me still wouldn’t leave me alone. I’ve already lived out the older woman fantasy and would rather have a woman my own age. But she persisted and I was forced to make a scene. Bummer. That blew whatever was left of my night. So I played some pool and watched two gay guys get into a fight. One of them was even crying.

So I get home, drink two shots of 30 year-old scotch and go to bed. Y2K sucked.

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