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This is Octoberfest?

I’ve always heard all these good things about Octoberfest around the country. Sure they are nothing like the real Octoberfest but I thought it would be interesting here in my home town.

It really wasn’t anything I expected, except for the Pokka music. But I didn’t care, I was anxious to try some German beer these GI’s around here are always talking about. I get my wrist band. It said Icehouse. Cool, my favorite beer. I walked up to the beer station. It was full of American beer. So I asked for an Icehouse. They didn’t have any. I looked and my wrist again to make sure of what I read on it.

But they did have water-downed Lowenbrau. So I tried that. It was Ok. The band was worse than the beer. The prices on food were outrageous. The gifts and stuff were expensive and stupid. The carnival closed early (9:00 PM) so I didn’t check that out. If I didn’t get in free I would have hated myself for wasting money. Overall the place really sucked. If you ever get to Clarksville, Tennessee and someone tells you to check out Octoberfest, go tell them to jump in the Cumberland River! They’ll have more fun.

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