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Always meeting new People

October 31st was the day I moved into a new MATTCAVE. Nice place, lots of room and I can’t even touch the ceiling if I jump. The only problem was moving all my crap into the second floor apartment. But thanks to my good friends, Robin and Kurt, everything went a little more smoothly. But when I was finally moved in and ready to go, I was tired. I’ve gotten out of shape sitting on my butt for 10 hours a day behind the wheel of a big truck.

My friend Ken caught up with me just as I went back to my old place for a last load of little stuff. He introduced me to his new girlfriend.

Latter we joined up with Kurt and his wife and my new next door neighbor, Dave. We headed down to The Black Horse Brewery for some home-brewed beer and gourmet pizza. We had a good time. There’s nothing like BSing with old and new friends.

On the way out, Ken and I were getting a little rowdy and making somewhat of a fool out of ourselves, what the hell it’s Halloween, when much to my surprise, sitting on the side of a window was this cute brunette. I asked her how she was doing. She said fine and came right up to my friends and I. For a split second I thought this must be my night. When all of the sudden, she hands me a pamphlet…..Oh No, a damn bible banger! She wanted to bless me and pray for me. She told me her story and how she found Jesus. She told us how boyfriend left her and then she didn’t get into the sorority she wanted. Basically lots of bad things happened to her. I think she was probably feeling lonely and insecure and looking for a place that accepted her. That was real special. I hate it when people force their beliefs on me.

This is where I take pride in being somewhat loner. I like hanging around people, socializing, but I can stand just as strong with no one around. Now I think “all I wanted to do was meet this pretty girl.” But I guess this is what I get for living at the turn of a century.

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